In a market filled with thousands of Omega-3 supplements from a multitude of sources, a new plant-based source is rapidly emerging as the safest and most effective source of Omega-3 available. Naturesage Omega-3, the product of over a decade of scientific research that led to its discovery as the most potent and effective Omega-3 source.


Naturesage Omega-3, Sourced from a newly discovered breed of Clary Sage seeds, considered the most potent and effective source of Omega-3 available to consumers today. Naturesage Omega-3 holds a rare combination of qualities not found in any other sources of Omega-3.

“How can a man die who has Sage growing in his garden ?”

How can a man die who has Sage growing in his garden ?

This aphorism was recorded at the old school of medicine in Salerno, Italy already in the 9th century, Clary Sage was known to ancient Greeks and Rome physicians as the plant which saves and heal. It’s incredible healing properties were passed along from father to son among those practicing herbal medicine, Now in our time the ancient healing properties of the Clary Sage are revived again and presented through the new revolutionary product-Naturesage Omega-3, a unique breed of Clary Sage that has been the subject of 14 years of research and development conducted by leading botanical experts who presented the unique natural properties of Clary Sage to the public.


Naturesage Omega-3 was discovered by a group of professors and researchers experts in botanical genetics. In 1999 they embarked on a mission to discover a new sustainable source of Omega- 3. They scanned the gene pool of thousands of plants indigenous to Europe and the Mediterranean region and discovered that in a specific breed of Clary Sage there is a high concentration of Omega- 3. Since their initial discovery, the researchers have conducted hundreds of lab tests checking the product’s safety and stability. Looking at the results, they were overwhelmed by this discovery, particularly noting that although the Clary Sage seed oil has a very high concentration of Omega-3, it does not readily oxidize, even in radical conditions under which other known sources of Omega- 3 become unfit for human consumption.


Think about a product that is safe to use in its original form that you can consume it “as-is” from its natural source, without having to concern yourself with the presence of any potentially harmful ingredients. Naturesage is free of allergens, PCBs, heavy metals, and preservatives. You can eat it, plain and simple, with no need for complex chemical manipulations, solvent extraction and the addition of flavoring.


“It doesn’t make sense that I haven’t heard of Naturesage Omega 3 up until today”

This is a recurring phrase that we hear from our satisfied customers after they discover and use the product for the first time on a continuous basis. It is hard to define in one sentence the many clear advantages of Naturesage Omega-3. All those who have discovered and have used the product, have said the same thing, The product works! It works for me, it works for my children, it works for my family, it has helped me resolved many issues which similar products have not been able to resolve, and I use it because it helps me!


Naturesage Omega 3 presents a natural one of a kind vegetable oil formula of unique and rare active ingredients (with no external editions). The presence of these ingredients suggests for one of the reasons for the oil extremely high efficacy.


Omega-3 fatty acid effectiveness is measured by the level of the active ingredient over time. Once an Omega-3 active ingredient is no longer efficient, its level in the final products drops, and its oxidation level elevates, it becomes rancid producing a bad taste and odor. Naturesage Omega-3 remains stable and effective for over two years at room temperature with no addition of preservatives; Naturesage Omega-3 chemical structure contains rare natural ingredients and the natural production methods which no other source of Omega-3 supplements can claim today.

Naturesage Omega-3 chemical structure contains rare natural ingredients and the natural production methods which no other source of Omega-3 supplements can claim today.


Naturesage offers two brands for sales: 1820 Health and Longevity for online sales, and Naturesage Omega-3 for retail stores.